The Be-Bop Club

The Bear, Hotwell Road, Bristol. BS8 4SF

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Whatís On

Doors open 8.30pm for 9pm start.

Archive - previous programmes

Fri 14th Oct

Andyís Drumming Hiatus Dilemma [ADHD]


Judging from the lack of phone-calls there is a whole generation of younger jazz musicians in Bristol who donít realise that trumpeter Andyís first instrument was drums, and that as house-band drummer for spells at The Albert Inn and The Be-Bop Club he has played drums for most of the UKís leading soloists such as Peter King, Don Weller, Gerard Presencer, Andy Sheppard and many more. So drastic action is being taken with the formation of this new band with Andy leading from the kit, featuring two of his favourite saxophonists fairly new to Bristol, Julien Alenda on alto and Greg Sterland on tenor, long-time associate Jim Blomfield - piano and rising bass star of the moment Chris Jones. The repertoire will be completely different from Andyís current trumpet quintet, with some originals from the back-catalogue plus some recent transcriptions.

Fri 21st Oct

Ray DíInvernoís Quintessential Groove


Ray DíInverno is a wonderful pianist and composer who for many years was a central figure in Southampton Jazz Club. Now based in Dorset, he has played with most of the UKís major players at some point in his career. Quintessential Groove features the excellent Canadian saxophonist Terry Quinney, well known for his work with Sound of Blue Note, Andy Hague - trumpet, Ray DíInverno - piano, Ben Taylor - bass and Lee Miller - drums. The repertoire contains Rayís transcriptions of tunes by Joshua Redman, Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea and other composers plus some of his own melodic originals.

Fri 28th Oct

Kevin Figesí Different Dimension


A pillar of Bristolís jazz community for many years, saxophonist and flautist Kevin plays and composes for groups of various sizes, and has recently become a media mogul with the launch of his own label, Pig Records. Tonight he presents his sextet, which shows a striking level of empathy and interplay generated by a combination of highly accomplished players who have worked closely together for some time and are all great improvisers in their own right. The compositions are constantly developing to produce work which is challenging and contemporary. Influences include David Binney, Dave Holland and Chris Potter but also many more spread across many musical genres. The aim is to produce personal music in a fearless and evolving way. Kevin Figes - alto sax, flute, Nick Dover - tenor sax, Emily Wright - vocals, Jim Blomfield - piano, Riaan Vosloo - bass and Mark Whitlam - drums.

Fri 4th Nov

John Donegan Quartet


Pianist John Donegan was one of Bristolís most in demand players through the early 90s. Originally from Cork, John is now based in London and plays a hard swinging style of piano reminiscent of Wynton Kelly and Red Garland, with a touch of Bill Evans for the ballads. Itís always great to see him back in Bristol, and for tonight heís teamed up with the brilliant saxophonist Ben Waghorn, international jet-setter Greg Cordez on bass, recently back from a sojourn in the USA, and a rare appearance from Simon Gore on drums who used to play in Johnís band when he lived here. Expect some impeccably performed standards and perhaps a couple of Johnís melodic originals.

Fri 11th Nov

Matt Anderson Quartet


Saxophonist Matt Anderson is a graduate of Leeds College, and some will remember him bringing his larger band Wildflower to the club last year to perform new versions of Wayne Shorter tunes. Matt is now studying for an MA at the Royal Academy, where he has teamed up with fellow MA student Will Harris. So if you were wondering why Will hasnít been playing bass so much at the club recently, thatís where heís been. Pianist Ashley Henry has been working with Jean Toussaint, Gary Crosby and Jay Phelps, and has recorded with award winning hip-hop group The Mouse Outfit. Drummer Jay Davis is a former Yamaha Jazz Scholarship winner who has toured internationally with artists such as Ian Shaw and Rachel Sermanni. Matt Anderson - saxes, Ashley Henry - piano, Will Harris - bass and Jay Davis - drums. Click Here to see some of the bandís great videos.

Fri 18th Nov

Bristol European Jazz Ensemble


BEJE is the brainchild of Dave Mowat, a trumpeter blessed with a big warm sound and an adventurous approach to improvisation. There are many musicians from all over Europe living in Bristol, and the band taps in to the wealth of talent and experience they have between them. Dave is himself part Swiss, and has travelled extensively in the Middle East, an influence which can be heard in some of his compositions. For tonightís incarnation Dave is joined by firebrand saxophonist Julien Alenda [France], guitarist Knud StŁwe [Germany], bassist Federico Leonori [Italy] and new drummer in town Jon Clark.

Fri 25th Nov

ANt - Andy Nowak Trio


Since 2005, the A.N.t. have been captivating audiences throughout the South West, Wales and London with their enthralling combination of powerful themes, subtle interplay and raw beauty. The combination of truly original compositions and striking reworkings of well known material is fast becoming a hallmark of this highly empathic and musically adventurous trio. 2016 has been a busy year for the group following the release of their debut CD Sorrow and the Phoenix, which they promoted with an extensive national tour supported by Arts Council funding. "A wonderful album of lovely compositions and inventive playing...Watch out for this guy!" - Jason Rebello. Andy Nowak - piano, Spencer Brown - bass and Andy Tween - drums.

Fri 2nd Dec

Jake McMurchie Quartet


Saxophonist Jake McMurchie is one of Bristolís finest players, who has gained both national and international recognition for his work with Get The Blessing, and more recently with his new project Michelson Morley which blends acoustic and electronic sounds. Tonightís new quartet line-up sees Jake joined by guitarist Dan Waldman, a sensational player currently based in Bristol who has previously divided his time between New York and London. Bassist Riaan Vosloo teaches at Leeds College of Music, and is currently working on his doctorate at Birmingham Conservatoire. The group is completed by Andy Hague on drums.